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When the full moon rises on Tuesday night, it will technically be a Blue Moon, but not for the reason you might think.

The Blue Moon on Aug. And there are a few other details about the full moon that might surprise you. So to celebrate the Blue Moonhere are five amazing facts about this month's full moon:.

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Okay, so not really a newsflash, but the Blue Moon's name actually has nothing to do with color. Occasionally, the full moon can take on a reddish pallor, but today's full moon is not related to the actual color of Earth's cosmic neighbor.

The moon can appear blue in color if a forest fire or volcanic eruption litters the upper atmosphere with ash or smoke. A volcanic eruption gave the moon a bluish tint from the perspective of many people on Earth escorts richmond hill Blue Moon Explained Infographic.

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An article in the magazine incorrectly defined a blue moon as the second full moon in a single month, but the definition stuck. This particular blue moon is a technical Blue Moon, but does not meet the criteria for the second definition. Mooon third full moon in a four-full-moon the moon is amazing tonight rule was detailed in a edition of the now defunct Maine Farmers' Almanac.

Each of August full moon names come from monikers given to the full moons the moon is amazing tonight a tonlght month according to Native American and European traditions. Although the moon usually looks full one day before and one day after the day of the full moon, there is technically only one moment when the moon is full in the sky.

Tonight, the moon turns full at 9: EDT, when weather and light permitting the moon will be in tonighht for people along the eastern coast of the United States. Blue Moons occur somewhat infrequently.

After today's full moonanother Blue Moon will not occur again until The idiom "once in a Blue Moon" signifies a rare event iz scientists had trouble predicting when the distinctive full moon would happen during any given year. This article originally published at Space.

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So to celebrate the Blue Moonhere are five amazing facts about this month's full moon: