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Love is an action

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What do you do with the feelings that come from disappointment in a relationship? Tell him you are angry or disappointed or that you feel.

Hebrews And he promises to pour his love into our hearts. Love is a feeling, but it is also an action.

And when you lose the feeling to love someone, move forward with the action of loving them, and that will help you reclaim your feelings of love. Is this hypocritical?

We all lose the feeling to love at. It usually happens when we decide to live with a problem instead of talking it out or openly oove it.

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i Start by telling God your feelings about the problem. From there, he can love is an action to give you the strength to talk to your loved one about it. As you do this, God will begin to restore your feeling of love for that person.

He does what Lamentations 5: That is our only hope! Give us back the joys we used to have!

That is my prayer for you. Whether you are a husband or a wife who needs to let go of a disappointment or misunderstanding or if you need to accept the differences love is an action have with a close friend—I pray that God will begin to bring back your joy.

Connect with Pastor Rick Warren. Listen Donate.

id Talk It Over Why do you think God wants you to talk about your feelings with him when he already knows how you feel? What disappointment do you need to talk to God about today?