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This service is more advanced with JavaScript available, learn more at http: Please take this quick survey to tell us about lizard friendly female happens after you publish a paper. Biology Bulletin.

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In various years, the fruendly included from 18 to 28 adult individuals. Both males and females could simultaneously have several R- and N-interrelations. In males, lizard friendly female A-relations towards only a single female was always observed.

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In females, the A-relations could form simultaneously with two males. Approximately one-third of the friendly connected groups were polyandrous lizard friendly female female and two males ; the rest were monogamous male and female.

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Skip to main content. Advertisement Hide. Social relationships between males and lizard friendly female in the rock lizard Darevskia brauneriLacertidae: Friendly monogyny in males and polyandry in females.

Authors Authors and affiliations A. Tsellarius E.

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Press,pp. M, Monogamy in lizards, Behav. CrossRef Google Scholar. Carter, C. L, Physiological substrates of mammalian monogamy: Lizafd, D. G, Ecology,life-history, and behavior in the Australian scincid genus Egernia, with lizard friendly female on the evolution of complex sociality in lizards, Herpetol.

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I Am Wanting Sexual Encounters Lizard friendly female

Nauka,pp. Gowaty, P. How, T. C, Reunion vigour: Jennrich, R. B, Measurement of non-circular home ranges, J.

Looking Sexual Encounters Lizard friendly female

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Basilisk Lizard Information And Care

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Plyusnin, Yu. Power, D. M, Epigamic and reproductive behaviour of orange-chinned parakeets in captivity, Condor, vol. Rodda, G. A, Techniques for identifying individual lizards at a distance reveal influences of handling, Lizard friendly female, no.

Lizard Facts, Worksheets, Habitat, Species & Information For Kids

Rose, B. Samuel, M. Schmidt, A.

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Tsellarius, A. Individual territory, Zool. Territory and territorial relations, Zool. Tsellarius, E. KMK,pp. Ulrich, H. Press, Wickler, W. Tsellarius 1 Email author E. Tsellarius 1 E. Galoyan 2 1. Lizard friendly female State University Moscow Russia. Personalised recommendations. Cite article How to cite? ENW EndNote. Buy options.