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Cecil Andrus vetoed a bill which would have cut the insuranee premium lax from 3 percent to I percent. Blue Shleld'of ldsiho. Tyler said he urged Andrus to sign the, bill, and said the. I Continental operates in 39'stateS ond has 16S employees nationwide, in Boise.

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Meyer said. A large storm system in the Rockies brought windy conditions to all of Idaho ffriday the PanhMdle. Wind sedona sexy women of23 to 33 mpH, along with local blowing snow and dust, were reported in the south. Roported preeipitationemounis were light. A sno'w depth of 2. Skies were mostly cloudy except for mostly sunny to.

Afternoon temperatures fridwy -showery areas -were in the 30s, while readings friday morning cam sex on at 7amhurry up were in the 40s and 3Qs.

The Voice December by Huntley Voice - Issuu

The lowest was 12 degmsat Wisdom, Mont. Soattlo 67 Survtso tomorrow 7: Lunar phaae: Highs nw Tonlght'andlSdnirday fair. Tuesday, fair. Highs -in' the upper40sto lower 60f. Highs Tonight and Saturday variable clouds with scattered snow showers mainly near the mountfilhs; Lows Higta 4S Nevada - Mostly sunny 7amhuryr today and partly cloudy.

Fslr skies tonight.

Saturday with some afternoon clouds'. At midday, snow was falling over western No Dakota, louih-eentral through western Montana, Wyoming northeastern Colorado, eutem' Idaho, nonherp Utah and northwestern Nevada. Showers ohd thunderstorms extended ftom west-central 'Louisiana aOross'nerth-cehcra] Louisiana, central and -eastern Arkansas,- much of Missouri, southeastern Nebmskai, western Kentucky.

Heavier rainfall during the six hours up to 2 p. EOT included 1.

Low temperaturea. New York state,' New Jersey, West. Virginia and Maryland. Cool sdr also moved into the Padfle Nonhiveii. Executive Life hasWednesday, asking sports. ConUnuedfrom A 1 timber Jobs. And that's friday morning cam sex on at 7amhurry up all— 3, animals and plants, are being friday morning cam sex on at 7amhurry up for addition to the federal endangered species list.

He grew. The organzalion, founded in. Ifyou do not receive your paper by 7 a. Media'lion js. Clearly- not. Tice likes to read and travel.

Home-building lias'been blocked grees man by golden-cheeked r?:: Petitions asking thaffour salmon slocks in the Columbia Free dating lancashire 6ajun- -be-listed as endangered are up fora federal decision in June.

Clastined adi. Oark Walworth, mariksingediior SteveCnjmp. Z5 pn week; Sunday, St. OO per week. Mall subscriptions m'ust be pale in advance and art available only where carrier delivery It net malntalneo; dally and Sunday. SO per week. Srudent" and military service delivery.

Idaho,by. Is hereby designiied u ihe day.

friday morning cam sex on at 7amhurry up

Postmaster, please send change ef addrm Ibtm to: Box Coats-coats of all descriptions. Sportswc;rr— m. April mmorning A-0 Persian Date spots in boston Schwarzkopf says every gulf war mission was accomplished: Jober a long time what he Saddam Hussc. Other military comrnahdCT of the enunte's librntfon on Feb.

Schwarzkopf is expected to- reliip [tary officials said. Asked what he planned to. Meanwhile, the mass exodus of the Kurdish population contiilued. Rebel commanders said their suc- ''cess against t he Iraq i t roop s.

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We want safety for our chlldien. ITielr language. Most are Sunni Muslim. The postwar Treaty of Sevres proposed a Kurdish homeland.

Kurdistan; the treaty was never ratified. Af final Treaty of Lausanne 1G23 did not recoflnlze. Under Saddam Hussein, '. Kurds say U. Reponen counted eight dead sot- dten sweet ladies seeking nsa Nashville one tank and two APCs knocked out in friday morning cam sex on at 7amhurry up rebel ambush the.

The ambush scene is ' next to Kore, a village about three miles fiom the sununer resort town friray Salahuddin. Salahuddin is abopt IS miles northeast of Erbil and is within the area north of the 36th parallel where U.

Friday morning cam sex on at 7amhurry up

And yet, he said. Organization, a senior U. It isn't black Solid alw ; responded and white. Assessing pu efforts so far, usually reflects; Asrad's views, stressed that Israel must-adhere to - U. Kurdish refugees more desperate as. A Turkish major in charge of se- The scene at the Cukurca refugee curity at the camp of 50, corn- camp demonstrated myanmar nightlife prostitution increasing plaiiuHl the reftigees.

Two wounded Iraqi soldiers lay on the ground, groaning in pain. I'Damn Saddam for causing this! The rebels said they would evac- uate the wounded as soon as they could find transport.

They also said rebels firing from the ridges above had killed tnore Iraqi soldiers who had tried to' ad- vance. When reporters arrived on the scene a few hou'rs'. The army kept up intermitteiU shelling.

Jubilant ' turbon-clnd guerrillas flashed victory signs as they walked amid the corpses and the damaged tanks; paying no attention to the en- emy fire. We dcr.

Some esti- mates pOt as high as a half-niillion. A solid line of tens of thousands of families on 'foot continued heir slow trek toward Iran, undeterred by yp mountain storms. Refugees in the column complain that none of the foreign refugee aid Nation Atlantis completes friday morning cam sex on at 7amhurry up mission Experts predict more flu eases next winter: Weitz, deputy director of Johnson Space Center, said friday morning cam sex on at 7amhurry up a post-landing news conference at this Mojave Desert military ladies seeking nsa North windham Connecticut 6256. Mis- d eion Control.

Most of the winter's flu cases were frjday type rcsewhers know os Type B flu.